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The Rapture

You've probably heard the term 'The Rapture' used at some point in your life, whether it was by a friend, on Tv show, or in church. It likely conjures up images of people who were 'good' or 'model humans' their whole lives floating up into heaven. This is the secular definition of the rapture which is far from the biblical one, although a few factors are the same. The definition from the bible is as follows:

"The Rapture, otherwise known as "the Harpazo" is a Christian religious event in which the believers saved in Jesus Christ and those younger than the accountable age vanish instantly from earth in the "twinkling of an eye" to meet Jesus in the air, to then be taken to heaven." Of course, this definition leaves out the absolute horror that is to follow on the earth in the time known as the 'tribulation'. This is the point in which God himself intervenes sending massive earthquakes, meteors, plagues and famine upon the planet in an attempt to bring His people - Israel, back to Him.

The big question is whether you simply dismiss it as ancient folk tales, or whether you believe it has even the slightest chance of coming true. If you're even the slightest part inquisitive into why millions of people believe in this 'preposterous' event then you've come to the right place.

With the world on the brink of utter chaos and insanity, the rapture has never been closer! Honestly, everything you see happening around you is the foreshadowing of the events detailed in revelation. Or perhaps it's already happened but you're questioning whether it was the rapture or something else. If so - jump straight into the "Part 7 - Left Behind" section below.

These are the links to every part of my blogged rapture series. If you prefer to download it all in one go and read it in a convenient PDF format, then download it at my 'The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG)' page.

If you would prefer to watch a video on the rapture instead, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Blog Part


Part 1 - Introduction

This part goes into what the rapture is and what will happen when it occurs. It contains the links to every other section in this blog and information on how to read the 'Revelation Timeline' diagram.

Part 2 - The Term Rapture

Here I outline where the term 'rapture' comes from and where it's found in our modern (English) bibles. It contains information on what will happen prior to the rapture and bible verses referencing the rapture.

Part 3 - Rapture Timing

This section is about the hotly debated topic of 'when' the rapture will occur, whether it's pre, mid or post tribulational or it's already happened.

Part 4 - Date Setters

This is a list of predicted dates and years throughout the ages when the rapture was 'supposed' to happen.

Part 5 - Rapture Prerequisites

Here I discuss the prerequisites that must take place before the rapture can happen. Just so you know - they have all been fulfilled so it can happen any day now...

Part 6 - Biblical Raptures

Did you know there were 7 raptures throughout the bible? Here I take a look at them all.

Part 7 - Left Behind?

This is probably the most pertinent place to start if the rapture has already occured and you've been left behind! It describes what happened and what is about to unfold...

Part 8 - Seeking Truth

Today there are so many pastors who have strayed from the truth and are now teaching false doctrine. Here you will find a list of pastors who take the bible seriously and are walking the straight and narrow path.

Part 9 - Deception

After the rapture there will be an insane amount of confusion and deception circulating around what happened. This section aims to keep you grounded in truth during this turbulent time.

Part 10 - Post Rapture Steps

These are the seven steps you should take post-rapture to secure your eternal future with Jesus Christ and to walk the path He has set for you.

The Timeline


Part 11 - Revelation Timeline

This is the start of the 'Revelation Timeline' also known as the 'End Times Timeline'. It steps you through the events which are to follow after the rapture in detail so you are prepared for them.

Part 12 - Post-Rapture

A quick recap of what life after the rapture will be like and how you can walk the narrow path of light when there is only darkness and evil around you. It also describes the rise of the Antichrist, the False Prophet and Babylon the city.

Part 13 - The Tribulation (First Half)

Here I present an overview of the entire tribulation period and the order of the seals, trumpets and bowls.

Part 14 - 1st Seal

The first seal releases a rider on a white horse to conqueor nations.

Part 15 - 2nd Seal

The second seal takes peace from the earth, allowing catastrophic wars to break out between all peoples, tribes and nations.

Part 16 - 3rd Seal

The third seal casts famine and hyperinflation over all the earth.

Part 17 - 4th Seal

The fourth seal allows death and hades to kill a quarter of the population of the earth by diseases and plagues.

Part 18 - 5th Seal

In the fifth seal Jesus gives white robes to the martyrs of the earth.

Part 19 - 6th Seal

The sixth seal releases a great earthquake on the earth which moved every island and mountain from their place, turns the sun black, the moon blood red, allows the stars to fall to earth and recedes the sky.

Part 20 - Sealing the 144,000

At this point in the tribulation 144,000 Jews receive the seal of God on their forehead.

Part 21 - 7th Seal

The seventh seal releases noises, thunderings, lightnings and an earthquake onto the planet.

Part 22 - 1st Trumpet

The first trumpet rains hail and fire down mixed with blood, burning a third of the trees up and all the green grass.

Part 23 - 2nd Trumpet

The second trumpet calls something like a large mountain or meteor on the ocean and turns a third of it to blood. A third of all living creatures in the sea also die and a third of all ships are destroyed.

Part 24 - 3rd Trumpet

The third trumpet releases “Wormwood” – a large meteor which will fall on the rivers and springs of earth making them poisonous.

Part 25 - 4th Trumpet

The fourth trumpet strikes 1/3 of the sun, 1/3 of the moon and 1/3 of the stars so that a third of them was darkened. Days are 1/3 shorter.

Part 26 - 5th Trumpet

The fifth trumpet fills the air with smoke from a pit which blocks out the sun. Locusts (demons) come from the pit and torment those without the seal of God for 5 months. People won't be able to die...

Part 27 - 6th Trumpet

The sixth trumpet releases four angels to kill 1/3 of mankind using a nations army of 200 million strong.

Part 28 - Intermediate Events

These are the events that occur after the 6th trumpet and before the 7th, such as the seven thunders, John eating the little book and the two witnesses killed and resurrected again.

Part 29 - 7th Trumpet

The seventh trumpet proclaims God’s kingdom and the temple of God was opened in heaven resulting in lightnings, noises, thunderings and an earthquake.

Part 30 - Mid Tribulation

This part details the events of the middle of the tribulation such as the 'Abomination of Desolation', the mark of the beast (666) and the second exodus of the Jews.

Part 31 - 1st Bowl

The first bowl pours out foul and loathsome sores on everyone with the mark of the beast or worshiped the antichrists image.

Part 32 - 2nd Bowl

The second bowl turns the entire sea to blood and every living creature in it dies.

Part 33 - 3rd Bowl

The third bowl turns all the rivers and springs to blood because the evil have spilt the blood of saints and prophets.

Part 34 - 4th Bowl

The fourth bowl causes the sun scorch men with great heat.

Part 35 - 5th Bowl

The fifth bowl plunges the kingdom of the beast into painful darkness and gives everyone in the kingdom of Babylon sores. This is darkness that you can ‘feel’ just like the darkness plague in Egypt back in Exodus.

Part 36 - 6th Bowl

The sixth bowl dries up the Euphrates river to make way for the kings of the east. Demons go out to the nations of the earth to gather them for the battle with God.

Part 37 - 7th Bowl

The seventh bowl releases noises, thunderings and lightnings and the biggest earthquake in history which divides Babylon into 3 parts. Every mountain falls, islands move out of place and exceedingly great hail falls from heaven.

Part 38 - Armageddon

The armies of the antichrist gather at Armageddon (Tel-Megiddo) to battle God.

Part 39 - The Second Coming

This is the second coming of Jesus, where He purges the world of sin and rules from Jerusalem for 1,000 years.

Part 40 - The Millennium

The millennium is the period of 1,000 years when Jesus reigns over the entire earth with a rod of iron.

Part 41 - The Great White Throne Judgement

This section covers the millennium rebellion, satan's demise and the final judgement of all those who have not previously been judged, known as The Great White Throne Judgement.

Part 42 - Eternity

Finally, God will create a new heaven and a new earth where those who love the Lord will dwell with Him forever!

Why Should you Believe in the Rapture? - Jack Hibbs

Jack explains what the rapture is, when it can happen and some of the events that occur after it.

The Rapture - Chuck Missler

Chuck goes into great depth about what the rapture is and the verses relating to it throughout the bible. Watch this version if you have a scientific mind or would like additional information over the video above.