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These are Christian billboard designs and banner designs to be displayed either on electronic/printed billboards or as banners on social media.

If you require a design to be modified to fit a billboard you're funding please send me an email via the contact page. It's a free service as long as it's being used to glorify God!

Billboard Tips From "WATChParty" on the JDFarag Forum:

For those of you who are going to be using Blip Billboards to showcase the ABC’s of Salvation, I would like to give you some information to help you that I had to learn through a learning curve. I am happy with Blip. They’re very low cost, have good analytics, you can tell them how much you want to spend each day. Their customer service is lacking though. Fortunately, it’s not a terribly complex system to use.

If your design gets turned down for any reason (besides being the wrong size), don’t waste time inquiring with customer service. They are more than likely going to tell you, “The billboards themselves are owned by others and they can approve or deny any designs for any reason.” Just move on and try another billboard.

When setting your display schedule, you can also lower your “maximum payment per Blip (display)” for the three levels it offers you (heavy rotation, medium rotation and light rotation). I found that most of my boards ran between 6 and 7 cents on average per display. One was under a penny per display on average!

If you keep an eye on your stats, and you see you are not getting enough displays, you can tweak this by adjusting your schedule and/or the max amount you are willing to pay per display. Just adjust one aspect at a time. Wait a day and see how it affects your displays. Continue to fine tune until you have the number of displays you are looking for.

Very Important! If you are going to be running multiple boards, make multiple campaigns! Initially I put several under one campaign. When you do this, Blip’s algorithm will automatically structure your billboard views to give you the most views for your money. This sounds great, but in reality, what happened to me is my “less than a penny” board got BLASTED with views (am talking over 1200 per day!), but my others were just a trickle. I found that if I split them up into their own campaigns, and set my same daily budget divided between them, the “trickle” boards’ views increased tenfold! The “flooded” board went down to a still heavy, but more reasonable view level (roughly 600 displays per day at $6 per day).

Looking for more tracts?

      • Printable Tracts - Tracts which can be printed at home on any standard printer.

      • Business Cards - Professionally printed business card designs which may also be able to be printed at home.

      • Kids Cards - Professionally printed business card designs for kids.

      • Billboards - Billboard designs which are either digital or printed on a canvas.

      • Banners - Digital banners for social media.

      • T-Shirts - Designs which can be printed onto T-Shirts, both front and back.

Billboard Designs

The Way

This billboard shows that Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life and aims to show that He is the only path to salvation.

Christian Billboard

The Way Billboard (RGB | 6750x1725px | JPG) (AR: 90:23)

Crazy World

A billboard that points to the Bible as the only explanation to the crazy world we live in.

Christian Billboard

Crazy World Billboard (RGB | 4500x1725px | JPG) (AR: 60:23)

Left Behind

This billboard shows that the born-again believers in Christ will soon be leaving this world.

Christian Billboard

Left Behind Billboard (RGB | 6096x2032px | JPG) (AR: 3:1)

Vaccination Against Misinformation

A billboard depicting the Bible as the only source of truth in an age of misinformation.

Christian Billboard

Vaccination Against Misinformation Billboard (RGB | 3048x1016px | JPG) (AR: 60:23)

Simple Salvation ABC Billboard

A simple ABC billboard with bold eye-catching lettering and a yellow background.

Christian Billboard

Simple Salvation ABC Billboard (RGB | 5509x3148px | JPG) (AR: 7:4)

GPS Billboard

A billboard with the theme of GPS with regards to the gospel.

Christian Billboard

GPS Billboard (RGB | 3760x1040px | JPG) (AR: 47:13)

GPS Billboard (RGB | 3760x1040px | JPG) (AR: 47:13) (No JD Farag Link)

Love Billboard

A billboard aimed at getting people to recognise that there's a God who loves them unconditionally.

Christian Billboard

Love Billboard (RGB | 6150x1650px | JPG) (AR: 41:11)

Easter Billboard

This billboard shows that Jesus is risen by showing an open tomb.

Christian Billboard

Easter Billboard (RGB | 6000x1800px | JPG) (AR: 10:3)

ABC Mountains Billboard

This billboard tells the reader the ABCs of salvation.

Christian Billboard

Mountain ABCs Billboard (RGB | 2700x900px | JPG) (AR: 3:1)

Rapture Trailer Billboard

A billboard that hints at the imminent rapture of the church.

Christian Billboard

The Rapture Trailer Billboard (RGB | 5000x1917px | JPG) (AR: 5000:1917)

Time is Short Billboard

A billboard emphasing that there is little time left before the rapture and tribulation.

Christian Billboard

Time is Short Billboard (RGB | 6000x1800px | JPG) (AR: 10:3)

Hope Billboard

A message of hope in these times of turmoil in which we live.

Christian Billboard

Hope Billboard (RGB | 6000x1800px | JPG) (AR: 10:3)

Verse Billboard

I can put any verse you'd like onto a billboard. Less than 15 words is best.

Christian Billboard

Bible Verse Billboard (RGB | 6300x2700px | JPG) (AR: 7:3)

ABC Billboard

The ABCs of Salvation Billboard - made popular by J.D. Farag. I can replace the 'Salvation' word with a link to a website if desired.

Christian Billboard

Bible Verse Billboard (RGB | 6300x2700px | JPG) (AR: 7:3)

ABC Billboard - Jesus Loves You

A billboard presenting the ABCs and fact that Jesus loves you.

Christian Business Card

ABC Billboard (RGB | 3760x1040px | JPG) (AR: 47:13)

Christmas Billboard - The Reason for the Season

A billboard showing the true meaning of Christmas.

Christian Business Card

The Reason Billboard (RGB | 3760x1040px | JPG) (AR: 47:13)

Couldn't find what you wanted? Contact me and I can convert any of my other designs into a Billboard for you! Have a look at my Christian Business Card designs Here.

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