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These are some specially chosen sermons from a variety of biblically grounded pastors. Some of these sermons can be found on other parts of my website, but have been organised together in a single place to make it easy to find them all.


      • Chuck Missler

      • J.D. Farag

      • Jan Markell

      • Jack Hibbs

      • Billy Crone

For an incredible series of videos by Chuck Missler diving into the Bible as a whole, see Learn the Bible in 24 Hours page.

On The Brink (of the Rapture) - J.D. Farag

Bible Prophecy Update – August 2nd, 2020

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A Privileged Planet

Our planet isn't simply the result of a cosmic accident known as the 'Big Bang' but through scientific observations over the centuries we can now see that our planet has been meticulously positioned not only for life, but to allow us to discover the universe. This hour long video will give you a taste on just how perfectly we have been created and positioned in the galaxy.

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Unlocking the Mystery of Life

This documentary film presents a powerful but controversial idea - the theory of intelligent design. The scientific case for intelligent design is based upon recent discoveries in biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, highlighted by computer animation that depicts the inner-workings of the living cell.

The DVD is available for purchase at www.illustramedia.com.

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It Could Happen Tomorrow - Jan Markell

Understanding the Times (2 Oct 2020)

Jan Markell and Dr. Ron Rhodes discuss so much that is happening around the world today, all of it, once again, setting the stage. Final events could happen tomorrow. This will be helpful if you are trying to understand the book of Revelation and also peace efforts in the middle-east.

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What Happens When You Die? - Chuck Missler

It's a question we naturally have from birth, but one which DOES have a definitive answer. Chuck Missler dives deeply into this question from a biblical perspective. Start at 45:21 to find out what happens when you die. This video is two videos in one with the half-way point at 1:04:00.

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Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?

In this video John MacArthur conclusively explains why there is evil in the world and why God allows bad things to happen. It also explains God's personality in quite a lot of detail, so watch it to learn more about Him.

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What's Next - J.D. Farag

Bible Prophecy Update – December 13th, 2020

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Stem Cells and the Nephilim - Chuck Missler

A great video showing how life is so intricately knit together that it MUST have been designed. At the end Chuck takes a look at nephilim and their role in the future.

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Return of The Nephilim - Chuck Missler

Chuck discusses the Nephilim, UFOs and aliens from a biblical perspective.

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Trust In The Lord - J.D. Farag

Bible Prophecy Update – October 25th, 2020

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Curtain Closing: The Final Act of World History - Pastor Jack Hibbs & Jan Markell

Understanding the Times (22 Apr 2021)

Jan Markell and Pastor Jack Hibbs discuss the Great Re-Set, the times of the signs, the growing demonic move upon the earth, growing persecution due to our beliefs, and the fact that the curtain is setting on the final act of world history. Time is short.

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The Shocking Alternative - By C.S. Lewis

This video explains how we can have freedom of choice and why God allows evil in the world. It answers the question why we cannot exist outside of God and why a life without God ultimately fails.

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

C.S. Lewis

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What is Truth? - Part 1 (Chuck Missler)

Part 1 covers the misconceptions of the bible, the creation of the universe and how perfectly tuned our planet is to support life.

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What is Truth? - Part 2 (Chuck Missler)

In part 2, Chuck examines the boundaries in our universe, he looks into extraterrestrial sources of life, qualifying sources of information and tests hypotheses.

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After the Rapture - Prophecy Update Videos

A great video explaining the rapture in basic terms and what to do next. The intro is a little long so I recommend starting at: 3:20.

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Millions Missing: Where Did Everyone Go? - Pastor Barry Stagner & Jan Markell

Understanding the Times (19 Mar 2021)

Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor Barry Stagner. When the Rapture happens, millions will disappear and there will be total confusion and chaos remaining. Scripture says this will be the most horrible time ever, but it is not too late to get saved.

The clips from this segment are from the video above, which I highly recommend watching to the end as well.

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Finding God - By C.S. Lewis

In this video C.S Lewis looks into the question which people have asked for centuries... Where is God?

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The Practical Conclusion - By C.S. Lewis

This video attempts to convey the point that a relationship with God is the logical next step in man's evolution. It explains the current process in which we are born and how it relates to being born-again in Christ.

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Why Should you Believe in the Rapture? - Jack Hibbs

Jack explains what the rapture is, when it can happen and some of the events that occur after it.

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The Rapture - Chuck Missler

Chuck goes into great depth about what the rapture is and the verses relating to it throughout the bible. Watch this version if you have a scientific mind or would like additional information over the video above.

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Watch on YouTube (Part 2)

How do you know that Christianity is the one true religion?

Author and apologist Ravi Zacharias and RZIM speaker John Njoroge challenge the assumption that Christianity is alone in claiming that it is the one true religion.

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Programming - J.D. Farag

Bible Prophecy Update – August 30th, 2020

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JDFarag.org Link

Plagues, Pandemics, and Prophecy - Dr. Mark Hitchcock & Jan Markell

Understanding the Times (10 Jul 2020)

Jan Markell spends the hour with Dr. Mark Hitchcock considering several topics. Is coronavirus a wake-up call for a sleepy world and church as it is a warning that time is short? Storm clouds are on the horizon but only one thing will take America down: The rapture of the Church.

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Countering Chaos and Confusion - Michelle Bachmann

Understanding the Times (9 Oct 2020)

In this program, Michele warns that the Left plans to try every tactic imaginable using chaos and confusion to defeat Donald Trump and to re-make America—or to re-imagine us, as a globalist paradise. What can the Christian and the Church do?

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