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Here you will find my collection of creative content on Christianity such as God, the bible, the rapture, worship and more. I aim to inform and assist those on the journey to discover the one true God and the creator of heaven and earth. If you're here, you've taken the first - and most important step, you want to find answers.


You're definitely not here by accident, so choose one of the topics below that interests you most to get started. If you're stuck, scroll down and watch the "Why should I trust the bible" video.


      • Evidence for God

      • Who is God?

      • The Rapture

      • The Revelation Timeline

      • Bible Downloads

      • Bible Prophecy

      • The Commandments

      • What Happens when you Die?

      • Salvation

      • Worship

      • Other Christian Content

The Rapture Survival Guide Shortcuts

      • Part 1 – Introduction

      • Part 7 – Left Behind?

      • Part 10 – Post Rapture Steps

      • Part 13 – The Tribulation (First Half)

      • Part 30 – Mid Tribulation

      • Part 38 – Armageddon

For a complete list of the parts, see the bottom of Part 1, and for a downloadable copy, see the TRSG page.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

                                John 3:16

Evidence for God

Below is a link of my Evidence for God excerpt from 'The Rapture Survival Guide', if you would rather read instead of watching the videos below. However I recommend doing both as there's no overlap of content.

Read it Here

These are the topics highlighted in this document:

      • Evidence of Design

      • The Architecture of the Universe

      • Biblical Codes

      • The Complexity of Life

      • Jesus Christ

      • Fulfilled Bible Prophecies & Prophetic Accuracy

      • Future Bible Prophecies

      • The Jews & Israel

      • Predicted Bible Technology

For some great videos on the concepts of Christianity see the full section below.

Why Should I Trust the Bible?

The 15 minute video below entitled 'Why Should I Trust the Bible' is a perfect introduction to the bible and explains why Christianity has to be true and that this book was written by a loving God outside of time and space. It was created by IMPACT Whiteboard Video and uploaded to YouTube. The original video can be found Here.

Read the Bible

Reading the bible is the lifeblood in your Christian walk, to understand for yourself who God is and the history of His people. I only recommend the King James Version (KJV) or the New King James Version (NKJV) of the bible as recently people have slowly twisted the original words of God.

Download the English KJV Bible

Download Bibles in Other Languages

The Rapture Survival Guide

The Rapture Survival Guide is a comprehensive collection of information focused on the events leading up to and succeeding the rapture of the church. The guide is designed to help you survive the perilous times ahead, avoid deception, prove that the bible is from God and save your eternal life. If millions of people have already vanished, you should absolutely download this guide!

The Rapture Survival Guide


If this site has opened your eyes to the unseen battle occuring on earth and you would like to accept Jesus, head to the link below.

Becoming Saved

Or to read my extended blog post on becoming saved:

Accepting Jesus

Salvation ABCs

"Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one--the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts"


C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Other Christian Content

For other links to great Christian content on Christianity, the rapture or the end times, head to:

Christian Content


If this guide has helped you please share this content to anyone seeking truth in these troubled times.