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COVID-19 Vaccine

Here I present some of the data on the so called COVID-19 'vaccine' from legitimate and trustworthy sources. Whether you want to accept the information or not - that's up to you, my aim is to help you make an informed decision.

There's so much deception around COVID-19 right now that it's almost impossible to find the truth on any major social media platforms. They've been censoring and removing any content which they deem 'misinformation', all in the name of health and safety. Governments have been implementing ever stricter lockdowns while slowly stripping away our civil liberties and freedoms, smiling through their teeth at their own hypocrisy. The more you look into everything that's going on around the planet, the more you realize that it's all connected.

At some point you will probably hear that you're required to take the vaccine to help 'flatten the curve' or to 'stop the spread' so that everyone can return to a Pre-COVID lifestyle once again. Perhaps your supervisor or employer has told you that you need to take the vaccine in order to keep your job and you're wondering what to do. From the content below, it looks like the entire pandemic has been manufactured as a control method for instituting a one world government. Not only this but this experimental and relatively untested vaccine could seriously harm you physically or mentally and can even kill you within two hours of receiving it as some have already found out.

You may be not know who to trust or listen to in these tumultuous times, which is why I have compiled a list of resources on one side of the argument. The position of why you SHOULDN'T take the vaccine even if it costs you your job. I'm not an anti-vaxxer, in fact I've had all my shots growing up and a tetanus booster two years ago.

Of course you don't have to believe any of it if you don't want to. We all have to assimilate the facts and come to a decision on our own. I only ask that you take a look at the content below and decide for yourself whether it's safe or not, both for you - and for those affected by COVID. I will leave you with one final thought:

What will you do if you take the vaccine but are irreversibly injured from it, either physically or mentally?

In the end, whatever decision you make is your own choice and I respect that. However people shouldn't be trying to push their own personal decision onto other people, and that includes those who decide to take it pushing it on those who choose not to...

Shot in the Dark - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

A must-watch video by Sherri who explains why the experimental COVID vaccine is risky to take at best.

Watch on Brighteon

Twila Brase COVID Quick Reference Guide

This is probably the most comprehensive and truthful guide on COVID-19 out there. Twila Brase is the President and Co-founder of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom and has vast experience in the medical field.

Download the PDF

Twila's website is: CCHFreedom.org

18 Reasons I Won't be Getting a COVID Vaccine

A well written blog outlining Christian's personal convictions why he isn't going to take the COVID-19 vaccine. I would say to research each point for yourself, but unfortunately the big tech companies are working their hardest to wipe this information off the internet.


The 18 points he lists are:

      • Vaccine makers are immune from liability

      • The checkered past of vaccine companies

      • Ugly history of attempts to make coronavirus vaccines

      • The ‘data gaps’ submitted to FDA by vaccine makers

      • No access to raw data from trials

      • No long-term safety testing

      • No informed consent

      • Under-reporting of adverse reactions and deaths

      • The vaccines don’t stop transmission or infection

      • People are catching COVID after being fully vaccinated

      • Overall death rate from COVID (0.26%)

      • Bloated COVID death numbers

      • Fauci and others at NIAID own patents on the Moderna vaccine

      • Fauci is on the hot seat for illegal gain-of-function research

      • The virus continues to mutate

      • Censorship and the complete absence of scientific debate

      • World’s leading vaccinologist is sounding the alarm

      • I already had COVID

This is a video by the same guy (ChildrensHealthDefense.org) describing what he learnt over 20 years of vaccine research after his son died from a vaccine. For a similar video specific to COVID, watch the one below.

Watch on ChildrensHealthDefense

Below is a second video released by ChildrensHealthDefense.org with more information relating specifically to the Wuhan virus vaccine rather than vaccines in general.

Watch on ChildrensHealthDefense

Dr Simone Gold - The Truth about CV19 Experimental Vaccine

Dr. Simone Gold is an incredible woman and board certified emergency physician who has decades of experience treating patients. This video is a MUST WATCH if you want to know some of the facts behind the misinformation of COVID-19.

Rumble.com (56m)

Brighteon.com (56m)

J.D. Farag - Decision Time

J.D. Farag is a bible believing pastor who adamantly holds fast to the truth of the scriptures. In these videos J.D. goes into depth on whether or not you should take the vaccine from a biblical standpoint, backing up everything in the scriptures. The videos are about 1h 20m long each.

Decision Time Part 1 (1h 17m)

Decision Time Part 2 (1h 22m)

Below is J.D. Farag's Bible Prophecy Update from the 2021-05-30 titled: What's The World Coming To? Start at 31:20 for the part on the effects of the vaccine.

America's Frontline Doctors

A group of truth seeking doctors raise the alarm on what's going on with the COVID19 pandemic, the rampant media misinformation and the effectiveness of the vaccine. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the White Paper document below as it contains almost all of the data in the videos throughout this page!

White Paper on Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19 (Document - 3.2mb)

America's Frontline Doctors Hold 2nd Summit in DC (37m)

Doctor Carrie Madej

Doctor Carrie Madej discusses transhumanism and how they are trying to make us 'better' humans through means of a vaccine. In the second video Carrie presents vaccine information on COVID19, nanotechnology, smart phone health apps, rDNA, rRNA and patenting GMOs.

Human 2.0 (21m)

Urgent Information on the COVID Vaccine (22m)

Doctors & Medical Professionals From All Over The World Speak Out

Doctors and medical professionals from all over the world speak out against taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Doctors & Medical Professionals Speak Out (28m)

Health Impact News

This is an American medical website dedicated to finding the truth in relation to anything health related. Here you'll find a lot of articles on COVID, vaccines, side effects and media misinformation or facts they 'conveniently' leave out of the press.


Side Effects

These are videos from individuals who have taken the vaccine but have had some form of severe side effect. It's unknown whether or not these side effects are reversible.

Brighteon - This is what the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine can do (1m)

Brighteon - Look at what happened to me a few days after I got the Moderna vaccine (4m)


Below is the COVID treatment protocol recommended by M.D. Vladimir Zelenko. All the treatments involve over the counter medications and the medications involved are tried and tested to be safe.

Download the PDF Version

Fundamental Principles
Treat patients based on clinical suspicion as soon as possible, preferably within the first 5 days of symptoms. Perform PCR testing, but do not withhold treatment pending results.

Risk Stratify Patients
Low risk patient - Younger than 45, no comorbidities, and clinically stable
High risk patient - Older than 45, younger than 45 with comorbidities, or clinically unstable

Treatment Options
Low risk patients
      • Supportive care with fluids, fever control, and rest
      • Elemental Zinc 50mg 1 time a day for 7 days
      • Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day for 7 days
      • Vitamin D3 5000iu 1 time a day for 7 days

Optional over the counter options:
      • Quercetin 500mg 2 times a day for 7 days or
      • Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) 400mg 1 time a day for 7 days

Moderate / High risk patients
      • Elemental Zinc 50-100mg once a day for 7 days
      • Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day for 7 days
      • Vitamin D3 10000iu once a day for 7 days or 50000iu once a day for 1-2 days
      • Azithromycin 500mg 1 time a day for 5 days or
      • Doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day for 7 days
      • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg 2 times a day for 5-7 days
      • and/or Ivermectin 0.4-0.5mg/kg/day for 5-7 days

Either or both HCQ and IVM can be used, and if one only, the second agent may be added after about 2 days of treatment if obvious recovery has not yet been observed etc.

Other treatment options
      • Dexamethasone 6-12mg 1 time a day for 7 days or
      • Prednisone 20mg twice a day for 7 days, taper as needed
      • Budesonide 1mg/2cc solution via nebulizer twice a day for 7 days
      • Blood thinners (i.e. Lovenox, Eliquis, Xarelto, Pradaxa, Aspirin)
      • Colchicine 0.6mg 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days
      • Monoclonal antibodies
      • Home IV fluids and oxygen

Don't forget prayer!

Click here for a video from M.D. Zelenko on COVID mandates, censorship and treatment.

Read the Bible

Above all else read the Bible and find out what God says for yourself. If you need a bible, I have one uploaded on my server here: (English, KJV) I also have bibles in most other languages on my website which you can find Here.

Lost? Or want to get a better understanding of Christianity? Have a look at my list of topics at:


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