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Who is God?

To understand who God is, firstly you have to realise that there IS a loving God who created you, the universe and heaven. If you're after this proof, take a look at my Evidence for God page for just a few reasons why there MUST be a God.

Once you understand why there has to be a creator and God over the world your next question could be: What is He like?

Below is an incomplete list of the traits of God as seen on TRSG guide.


Bible Reference


Mat 1:21

Christ Jesus

1Ti 1:15

The Saviour of the World

1Jo 4:14

Jesus Christ our Lord

Rom 5:21

The Son of God

Jhn 1:34

His only begotten Son

Jhn 3:16


Act 4:27

The Father, "My Beloved Son."

Mat 17:5

Jesus Himself, "I am the Son of God."

Jhn 10:36

John Baptist, "This is the Son of God."

Jhn 1:34

Unclean spirits, "Thou art the Son of God."

Mar 3:11


Jhn 1:1

The Everlasting God

Isa 40:28


Isa 40:3

The Redeemer

Isa 59:20

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Rev 17:14

The Prince of Peace

Isa 9:6

The Creator of all things

Col 1:16

The Beginning and the Ending

Rev 1:8

The Lamb of God

Jhn 1:29

The Lamb that was slain

Rev 5:12

The Root of David

Rev 5:5

King over all the Earth

Zec 14:4, 5, 9

The Sent of the Father

Jhn 10:36

A Prophet mighty in deed and word

Luk 24:19

A Servant

Phl 2:7

The Way

Jhn 14:6

The Light

Jhn 12:35

The Foundation

1Cr 3:11

The Rock

Mat 16:18

My Rock and my Fortress

Psa 31:3

The Righteous Judge

2Ti 4:8

The King of Israel

Jhn 1:49

I am

Exd 3:14

The Prince of Princes

Dan 8:25

The Gift of God

Jhn 4:10

The Alpha and the Omega

Rev 1:8

The Son of Mary

Mark 6:3

The Bread of Life

Jhn 6:35

The Faithful and True

Rev 19:11

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Rev 5:5

The Sacrifice

Eph 5:2

Holy, Holy, Holy

Jhn 12:41

The King of the Jews

Jhn 19:19

Crowned with a Crown of Thorns

Jhn 19:2

Crowned with many Crowns

Rev 19:12

Crowned with Glory and Honor

Hbr 2:9

He Was

Obedient, Meek, Lowly, Guileless, Tempted, Oppressed, Despised, Rejected, Betrayed, Condemned, Reviled, Scourged, Mocked, Wounded, Bruised, Stricken, Smitten, Crucified, Forsaken.

He Is

Merciful, Faithful, Holy, Harmless, Undefiled, Separate, Perfect, Glorious, Mighty, Justified, Exalted, Risen, Glorified, Altogether Lovely, The Rock.

He Is My

Saviour, Hope, Brother, Maker, Husband, Well-beloved, Portion, Helper, Physician, Healer, Refiner, Purifier, Lord, Master, Servant, Example, Teacher, Shepherd, Keeper, Feeder, Leader, Restorer, Resting-place, Passover, Peace, Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, Redemption, All in All.

God's Identity

God is three distinct persons but is also only one God. This may seem contradictory in our terms but you have to look outside what we understand to fully grasp how this is possible. These three persons are described throughout the bible and are commonly referred to as the Trinity.

• The Father

• The Holy Spirit

• The Son (Jesus)

For more information on the trinity, see the below content by Chuck Missler.

One God or Three? (Written Article)

The Godhead (YouTube Video)

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?

In this video John MacArthur conclusively explains why there is evil in the world and why God allows bad things to happen. It also explains God's personality in quite a lot of detail, so watch it to learn more about Him.

Watch on YouTube

If you haven't read 'The Rapture Survival Guide' fully, I recommend you head back and finish it to understand what's ahead of you.

The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG)

If you would like to accept Jesus as your saviour, see:


If this guide has helped you please share this content to anyone seeking truth. Feel free to print the ABC image above and hand them out to all those in need.

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