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Bible Prophecy

Fulfilling bible prophecy to exact specifications is one way that God lets us know that He is in control while also authenticating Himself and giving us the peace and knowledge that nothing happens without Him allowing it. In recent years (especially in 2020) we can see the shadow of the final few bible prophecies lining up and starting to take shape over the planet as COVID-19 decimates the world.

You may be asking what's going on in the world and why has everything literally gone insane? The quick answer: Because God is allowing it and it's all in His plan as stated in the bible. Satan's time of full control of the planet (known as the tribulation) is quickly approaching and the only people who will escape are those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Below I have posted a few of the most pertinent bible prophecy updates from various pastors.

On The Brink (of the Rapture) - J.D. Farag

Bible Prophecy Update – August 2nd, 2020

YouTube Link

Programming - J.D. Farag

Bible Prophecy Update – August 30th, 2020

YouTube Link

It Could Happen Tomorrow - Jan Markell

Understanding the Times (2 Oct 2020)

Jan Markell and Dr. Ron Rhodes discuss so much that is happening around the world today, all of it, once again, setting the stage. Final events could happen tomorrow. This will be helpful if you are trying to understand the book of Revelation and also peace efforts in the Mideast.

YouTube Link

Plagues, Pandemics, and Prophecy - Dr. Mark Hitchcock & Jan Markell

Understanding the Times (10 Jul 2020)

Jan Markell spends the hour with Dr. Mark Hitchcock considering several topics. Is coronavirus a wake-up call for a sleepy world and church as it is a warning that time is short? Storm clouds are on the horizon but only one thing will take America down: The rapture of the Church.

YouTube Link

Countering Chaos and Confusion - Michelle Bachmann

Understanding the Times (9 Oct 2020)

In this program, Michele warns that the Left plans to try every tactic imaginable using chaos and confusion to defeat Donald Trump and to re-make America—or to re-imagine us, as a globalist paradise. What can the Christian and the Church do?

YouTube Link