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Crazy World?

Is this world getting strange or crazy to you? Chances are you're confused by the insanity, chaos, deception and evil happening around the globe right now. You may not know what's truth anymore or who to believe.

Fortunately God left us His truth - the Bible, to reveal the times ahead and guide us on how to live in accordance to His will. If this is your first time here and you're looking for answers in this collapsing world, head to the Bible Prophecy page for some great teachings on what's going on from a biblical perspective. Otherwise if you're sceptical on whether the Bible is true or not and why so many millions of people put complete faith in it, watch the video below.

Nederlands? https://www.jezuskomtspoedig.nl/

Why Should I Trust the Bible?

What if there's even some possibility that it's true?

This is a perfect introduction to the Bible and explains why Christianity has to be true and proves that this book was written by a loving God outside of time and space. It was created by IMPACT Whiteboard Video and uploaded to YouTube. The original video can be found Here.

If you just watched this video I highly recommend heading to my Learn The Bible page to get into more depth, or head to Salvation to find out how to become saved.

If you're still not sure where to start, click on the link below that interests you the most:


      • The Evidence for God

      • Who is God?

      • What is the Rapture?

      • The Last Days - What we should expect the 'Last Days' to look like

      • What happens when we die?

      • Bible Downloads

      • Learn The Bible - A series of 24 videos lightly touching on the Bible as a whole

      • Bible Prophecy - What the Bible says about the future

      • The Commandments

      • The Experimental 'Vaccine'

      • What Happens when you Die?

      • Salvation - How to accept Jesus

      • Tracts and Designs - Spreading the Good News

      • Worship Songs

      • Christian Diagrams and Resources

      • Sermons & Bible Studies - Browse a number of teachings on Christianity

      • Grounded Christian Pastors & External Content

      • Christian Resources - Links to other great resources

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

                                John 3:16

The World's Gone Mad!

Looking at our planet over the past hundred years and especially in 2020 onwards you may have noticed the decline of the morals, principles and values of people across the world. This has been slowly translating into increased violence, murders, wars, poverty, racism, hatred, political correctness and so much more across the planet each and every single day, but it took a dramatic turn for the worst in 2020.

Would you be surprised to hear that all of this is predicted and is being fulfilled according to the Bible? Watch the Bible prophecy video below by J.D. Farag who explains why we MUST be on the verge of the rapture of the believers in Christ.

Bible Prophecy Update – August 2nd, 2020 (On The Brink)

The main content starts at "5:46".

Find J.D. Farag's Other Prophecy Updates Here

Evidence for God

If you would rather read instead of watch videos, below is a link to the Evidence for God excerpt from 'The Rapture Survival Guide' I wrote. However I recommend doing both as there's no overlapping content.

The Evidence for God

These are the topics highlighted in this document:

      • Evidence of Design

      • The Architecture of the Universe

      • Biblical Codes

      • The Complexity of Life

      • Jesus Christ

      • Fulfilled Bible Prophecies & Prophetic Accuracy

      • Future Bible Prophecies

      • The Jews & Israel

      • Predicted Technology in the Bible

For more content and evidence such as videos and blogs take a look at my Evidence page.

Read the Bible

Reading the Bible yourself is absolutely essential in a Christian's walk to be able to understand for yourself who God is, the history of His people and what the future holds. I only recommend the King James Version (KJV) or the New King James Versions (NKJV) of the Bible as especially recently, people have twisted the original words of God.

Download the English KJV Bible as a PDF

Download Bibles in Other Languages

The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG)

I wrote The Rapture Survival Guide to help you: to navigate through the perilous times ahead, to help you avoid deception, to prove that the Bible is from God, and to save your eternal life. If millions of people have already vanished, you should absolutely download and read this guide to the end!

The Rapture Survival Guide (Free to View & Download)

If you prefer to read it online:

      • Part 1 – Introduction

      • Part 7 – Left Behind?

      • Part 10 – Post Rapture Steps

      • Part 13 – The Tribulation (First Half)

      • Part 30 – Mid Tribulation

      • Part 38 – Armageddon

Note: The online version isn't as regularly updated as the PDF.

For a complete list of The Rapture Survival Guide parts, see the bottom of Part 1.

Below is the Simplified Revelation Timeline as seen in 'The Rapture Survival Guide' (TRSG). For more diagrams, see the Resources page.

Salvation ABCs


If this site has opened your eyes to the unseen battle occuring on earth and you would like to accept Jesus, head to the link below.

Becoming Saved

Or to read my extended blog post on becoming saved:

Accepting Jesus

Salvation ABCs

You can find this and other tracts on my Tracts page.

"Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one--the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts"

C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Biblical Content

For other links to some great Christian content on Bible prophecy, Jesus, the Rapture or the end times, head to:

Christian Content


If this site has helped you, please share this content to anyone seeking truth in these troubled times. Or if you're looking for content to print out to spread the word of God, or this website, check out my Tracts page.

Backups and Additional Content

Below are off-site backups of my guides, videos and some new Christian content which isn't found on this site due to file size restrictions.

      • FluidicIce.com Backups Page

      • Box Off-Site Backup (Direct Link)

      • Dropbox Off-Site Backup (Direct Link)

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