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The notion that aliens exist somewhere in the universe has been pondered by some of the greatest minds for thousands of years. However lately these stories have been picking up traction with more and more sightings including recorded evidence from all across the globe, something which those researchers didn't have. Some are eager to believe that there's other life out there, while others are adamant that they're hoaxes or they can all be explained by science or technology.

However I know for a fact that one day VERY soon, the nations of earth will look up and see 'irrefutable' evidence that alien life exists. It certainly won't be what people are expecting, but fortunately they will be here to 'help' humanity. How do I know this? The Bible says so and it's got a 100% track record for future prophecy so far.

Below is as much information as I can find about these coming aliens in the Bible. The blue text underneath each dot point is the actual truth from scripture.

Biblical Facts

      • They will only appear after 'abducting' millions from earth (after the rapture)

            This is the rapture of those saved through Jesus and any unaccountable (young) children (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8)

      • They will claim that those who are taken are safe

            Those who are raptured are now in the safest place in existence - with Jesus in heaven

      • They won't return those who have been taken

            They physically can't because they don't have them

      • They will claim to have been watching earth for many decades (partial truth)

            They have been watching the earth since the creation of the universe (Job 38:4-7)

      • They will claim to be friendly

            They will appear to work in man's best interest but are actually working for their own desires

      • They will use their science and technology to 'advance' humanity

            They will use their technology to better control the population of the world. They will also assist in implementing the mark of the beast(Revelation 13:17)

      • They will all be male

            Angels and fallen angels are only ever referred to as male throughout the scriptures due since the Bible uses the masculine pronoun

      • They will be taller than regular humans

            Fallen angels and nephilim are very tall beings - abount 4m (13ft) tall (Deuteronomy 3:11)

      • They come from a higher dimension rather than outer space

            The heavenly realm is in a higher dimension, not a distant place in our universe

      • They are fallen angels (demons) who have disrobed from their higher dimension and not actual aliens

            Demons still living in in higher dimensions can alter their appearance on earth. They often smell like sulphur

      • They will be opposed to anything biblical

            They will attempt to do away with anything that is God ordained

      • They will eventually have sexual relations with humans (both genders)

            Daniel 2:43 says they will mingle with the seed of men and since they are perverse - this will include homosexual behavior


      • They might set up a (demonic) way to 'communicate' with those taken

            As per Luke 16:26, there is an impassable gulf which cannot be communicated across

      • They may provide the means to make the 'Mark of the Beast' by using their own DNA

            You are unable to access heaven if you take the mark, therefore the mark could include something which isn't human - putting you outside the scope of salvation. Jesus died as a human for humanity alone.

      • They may integrate with everyday human life

            To achieve their goals they will have to be in every country of the world

      • They may join humanity against God at armageddon

            Their ultimate goal is to dethrone God, therefore they will likely be at armageddon

Perhaps you're reading this after a worldwide disappearance of people and you're thinking: Where are my children!? Where are my christian friends? Where did everybody go? Why are there strange lights or UFOs in the sky?

What just happened was the rapture of the believers in Jesus.

Do Not Be Deceived!

There will be a strong delusion sent by God Himself that will deceive even the elect. (2 Thessalonians 2:11) This is likely to be some form of alien abduction lie and may even involve signs and lights in the sky. For more information, see the "Part 9 - Deception" section below.

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Return of The Nephilim - Chuck Missler

Chuck discusses the nephilim, UFOs and aliens from a biblical perspective.

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